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Premium Olive Oil Extra Virgin

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Product Details

Product Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil




PORTTABLE® Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Premium


Douro Superior


Shale based soil


Manual Harvesting in olive groves located in steep inclination zones

Transformation Process

The olive is labored at an ecologic press at temperature of 27o, in a proces where the connection between the different phases does not have the operator's interference. During the transformation there's no addition of water nor preservatives. The olive oil is then subject to a natural decantation in hermetically sealed, stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature so that all it's characteristics are kept.

PORTTABLE's Premium Olive Oil is an extra virgin olive oil, with no additives or preservatives, with an acidity lower than 0,4 %. Possesses a greenish colour, a very fresh and fruity flavour which is a result of a harmonious combination between the spicy and the bitter, typical of olives that are harvested early in the season. It's chemical characteristics are in accordance with the (CE) Regulations n.o 2568/91 and alterations.

Tasting Notes

Quite frutty, not only in taste but also in the scent. Is presented with a final spicy taste along with a slight bitterness.

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