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Zeer hoogwaardige Extra Virgin Olijfolie gemaakt van Verdeal en Cobrançosa olijvenrassen afkomstig uit het Coimbra District, centraal Portugal - de Beira Atlântico alwaar een eeuwenoude olijfgaard door de Passos familie wordt bewerkt.

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Our passion started in 2000 with just a small hobby grove from our Dutch/Portuguese roots. While helping with annual harvest, we fell in love with olives and their restorative health benefits. Via self-education, collaboration and a lot of trial & error, we are finally ready to share our products to you and we’re sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

We have an all-natural approach, using only the climate, animals and plants to fertilize and maintain our groves. Besides our own groves, we manage others to produce high quality olive oils from the little-known terroir of Beira Atlântico, district Coimbra, Central Portugal, where Eucalyptus plantations have sadly destroyed most ancient groves. Together with our cosy tavern, where we enjoy creating innovative gastronomy with our beloved olive oils at the heart, we aim to promote the organic, local produce and celebrate healthy food from the center of Portugal.

To guarantee quality & taste, we are involved in every little detail of production. With our recyclable Bag-in-Box and low-emission logistics we hope to set a positive example for current and future generations to make a more positive environmental impact. We only have one life to do good, so love (y)our nature.

Passeite is a word blend from “Azeite da familia Passos” we used within the family when we started making olive oil. With the opening of a olive oil tavern in Coimbra, Passeite got more meaningfull as Coimbra is the “passing by” city on your way from Porto to Lisbon or vice versa. “

All our packaging is produced in Europe to keep environmental impact as low as possible. The bottle “Meili Light 375CC” is a design that seems almost unbreakable, pleasant shape in your hand and perfect size for small produce. The Taupe color Pantone 2528C represents tones of the bark of the trees and fits any household, modern or classic. The organic paint protects the oil against UV. To serve we offer wooden non-refillable pourer or a refillable cork top for zero-waste shops. To not limit our ideas for the future the bottle can also be used for other liquids and can be fully customised by stickers in any color.


Groundblend Verdeal and Cobrançosa from the Quinta da Melhora Groves in Anobra. Hand picked & hand held pneumatic shaker. Harvested veraison, varieties Cobrançosa (80%) and Verdeal (20%), second half of November 2019.


Clay grounds, Coimbra, Portugal


Continuous two-phase Pieralisi system, pressed around 25 °C. Olivepress: Lagar de Azeite da Quinta da Capeleira


Aromatic smell of green leaves and smooth taste with hint of bitter with a black peppery finish.


Allrounder for fresh & aromatic dishes. Perfect for white meat, salads, green vegetables, vignarettes & sauces.


Energy : 821 Kcal
Fat: 91.2g of which saturated: 15.6g Carbohydrates: 0g of which sugares: 0g Protein: 0g
Salt: 0g


Acidity: 0.15%
Peroxide index: 6,6 (meq02/Kg)
Wax: 58.5 mg/kg
Extinction coefficient UV : K268 : 0.12/ΔK: 0.0/K232: 1.62 FAEE: 13 mg/kg


Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives
and solely by mechanical means.
Store protected from light, air, heat sources and intense odor. Batch number: PCV201911

Best before date: 01-12-2021

Geheel samengesteld door Nederlands bekendste olijfolie sommelier Marije Passos. 


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